Craft Sector Briefing

When we held an introductory briefing for the local craft sector in WA – over 50 individuals and representatives from organisations attended the session at Artsource in Fremantle. Documented by West TV, the session enabled our group to present our thinking and invite participation and engagement.

Jude van der Merwe speaking at the WA Craft Sector briefing

Following that session, and in response to requests for involvement, we developed an expression of interest application. The intention was to allow interested artists to consider and respond to the central themes of the Triennial and propose how they could participate. By mid-September we had received EOIs from across WA, Australia, India and Bangladesh in addition to those directly approached by curators. We were truly astonished and delighted by the enthusiasm, breadth of aspiration and quantity of responses.

Chad Creighton presenting at the WA Craft Sector briefing

Collaborations & Networks

At the same time, word spread about the project and we were quickly inundated with enquiries from exhibition spaces including institutions, local government and private galleries across the state.  There are now over 20 satellite/partner venues, in addition to the venues which we will curate in collaboration with the teams at Fremantle Arts Centre, John Curtin Gallery and the Art Gallery of Western Australia.  We have met regularly with all interested venues and have shared the EOIs with them as part of a potential matching arrangement.

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