Uday Singh makes beautifully handcrafted ceramic cows. He is planning to make 50 for the IOTA21 exhibition at John Curtin Gallery, opening in September. He needs support to make, package and freight the cows from Art Ichol in India.

They are beautifully crafted, each with a unique personality – no two are the same. We are asking interested folks to pre-purchase a cow – you won’t know exactly which cow, but that will be part of the fun. There are added benefits too.

For more information and to acquire a cow, or more, visit the IOTA Patrons page.
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Support an Artisan! Uday Singh pictured with wife and family outside their home Uday Singh crouching on the ground feeding one of his cows Handcrafted ceramic cow by Uday Singh Handcrafted clay and glazed cow by Uday Singh, standing on a black laquer plinth